Sherline Direct: Vertical Milling Column

SHERLINE manufactures precision miniature lathes, mills, and machine tool accessories in both manual and CNC versions for hobbyists, model makers, jewelers, and lab technicians.

Sherline 5400 - Deluxe Vertical Milling Machine - VCSHobbies

Description. Sherline 5400 – Deluxe Vertical Milling Machine. The main difference between a lathe and a mill is that on a lathe, the work turns and the cutting tool is stationary, while on a mill, the tool turns and the work is stationary.

Model 5000/5100 Mill - Millhill Supplies Ltd.

The 5000-series mills are Sherline’s most economical mills and would be a good starting point for any miniature machine shop. They feature a solid 10″ (254mm) aluminum base, precision machined dovetailed slides with adjustable gibs, permanently lubricated spindle bearings, adjustable preload anti-backlash feed screws on the X- and Y-axes ...