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Diatomaceous earth ( / ... Initially, it was thought that limestone had been found, which could be used as fertilizer. ... Most of Florida’s diatomaceous earths have been found in the muck of wetlands or lakes.

Diatomite and Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomite and diatomaceous earth are sedimentary rock products that are used for filter media, absorbents, fillers, abrasives, and many other purposes.

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Diatomaceous earth — also known as diatomite — works like a natural detoxifying agent ... Amorphous is the type used in the majority of diatomaceous earth products. flourspar,diatomite,limestone and soda ash mining in ...

Diatomite Mining and Processing

Diatomite Mining and Processing. The mining and processing of diatomite is delicate and complicated. It requires large processing facilities and heavy earth moving equipment.