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The best way to clean natural stone, be it granite, marble, sandstone, or slate, is water with some PH neutral soap, like the one used in dishwashers. We can also do it with water and a small amount of ammonia or water with a small amount of bleach, but ammonia is better, because it is not an acidic product, but a base and does less damage to stone.

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A rotary floor cleaner for example uses a rotating cleaning brush or pad to clean the floor with the machine being pushed along by the operator. The advantage of this type of machine is that the brush or pad can be changed to suit the floor surface, from gentle surface cleaning to using a diamond finisher to clean a hard stone like marble and a variety of cleaning levels between.


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Cleaning Stone Floors | Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine | B ...

A stone floor can be cleaned manually with a mop and bucket using a propriety detergent but for larger areas or for severe staining then a cleaning machine would be a better option. Most floor cleaning machines effectively replicate the manual method, but are much less labour intensive.

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Cleaning Natural Stone Floors. ... The best way to clean Your Sealed & Finished Stone Floor depends upon the ... Windsor Storm Series Floor Cleaning Machine With ...

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A dry microfiber mop draws in dry hair and dirt. For deeper cleaning, saturate the mop with water. The thin microfibers, less than 1/200 th the width of a human hair, have tiny triangular wedges that lift grease and oil as the mop glides across the floor. They do a great job of cleaning without using chemicals.

Cleaning Stone Floors | Rotary Floor Cleaning Machine | B ...

Stone is a natural material and requires care when cleaning to get the best results - not all stone floors are the same. What do you need to consider? Read the B&G Cleaning Systems blog to find out how to approach the task of cleaning stone floors and the types of equipment available to help.

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Therefore the Tornado ACS is the perfect cleaning machine to clean stone floors. Vacuum blast method for stone floors. The Tornado ACS can be used for floor cleaning. Limestone, rust and other deposits are no problem. Tile-, concrete-, and stone floors appear as new aftre the floor cleaning with cleaning machine Tornado ACS. A further advantage is, that the grouts are also cleaned gently during the tile cleaning.

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For a deep cleaning on a stone floor, scrub the spot with a soft-bristled brush dipped in the same vinegar and water solution you can use for everyday mopping. Do not use a metal bristle brush, which could scratch the stone.